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We at Bukho Bami Youth Centre strive to be the best that we can be. We aim to achieve our greatest possible destiny. We pledge to give our all to make our dreams a reality and endeavour to live a life of the highest quality.

About Us

Bukho Bami Youth Centre is a youth empowerment organisation in Dobsonville, Soweto. Registered as a non-profit company in 2014 (2014/250666/08), Bukho Bami offers a wide range of targeted services, aimed at empowering and uplifting township youngsters.

Alumni AV

Bukho Bami Youth Centre has gone to great lengths to assist underprivileged youths to further their education, enter scarce skills fields, become employable and attain employment or become entrepreneurs! Our alumni compromises of our matric class of 2017 and 2018 who are studying at various tertiary institutions across the country. These young men and women have received tertiary education funding from various sponsors through Bukho Bami Youth Centre. Our best wishes for all their future endevours!

5th Annual Bukho Awards AV

Bukho Bami wrapped up 2018 on a high note! The 4th Annual Bukho Awards – in recognition of our beneficiaries’ cultural and academic excellence – were a resounding success! Addressed by His Royal Highness, Prince Cedza Dlamini, the prestigious event – attended by our local councilor, parents, development organisations and other stakeholders – was the culmination of a year of blood, sweat and tears.



Bukho Bami's 4th Birthday Celebration

On the 3rd of June 2019 Bukho Bami celebrated its 4th anniversary at Soweto Theatre. Amongst our guests were our stakeholders, community members, parents and our beneficiaries.


Bukho Bami Camp

The 17th of July 2017 marks the first day of Bukho Camp. We took a shot left to Thaba Morula in Brits, Northwest. On this particular camp, HyundaiSA partnered with us and just over 120 youngsters went on the all-expenses paid camp. After two hours of travelling everyone settled in and the program started off with a dance workshop hosted by Red Bull. Our first day at camp ended off with a night walk in the wild under the stars.


Agri teen Symposium

Bukho Bami Youth Centre attended the launch of the Agri Teen Symposium which was a gathering of stakeholders in the agricultural sector. Held on the 21st of March 2018, at the Agricultural Research Council . the event successfully transferred information, knowledge and passion from industry experts to almost 300 grade 10-12 township youths from disadvantaged environments.


Our alumni compromises of our matric.

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Our Contacts


442 Mogorosi Street, Dobsonvill, 1863


011 989 0170/1


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